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Some Questions You Ask Before You Hire an Electrician

Getting a competent and professional electrician to your home for electrical repair work will go much smoother and cost less by laying the proper groundwork. You can lay that groundwork by simply asking a few questions and getting clear answers to. If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, there are a lot of electricians in the phone book, but it’s important to the health and welfare of your home and family, and to get the most value for you money to know who you’re dealing with and making sure your they are licensed and insured electricians. After all, you trust them in your home.

Listed here are some basic questions you ask before you make your decision.

Introduction and background
Some good questions to start with are just the basic to cover a kind of verbal background check.

  • How long has the company been in this location?
  • Do they have multiple offices?
  • What kind of work has he done mostly?
  • What special training/experience does he have for this type of work?
  • Does the electrical company hold a proper license, is insured and the employees are technically trained?
  • Will the company provide references from past electrician jobs in Fort Worth or Dallas?

Price Assurance
Along with background check, the next step is to nail down the estimated costs and availability.

  • Can the company or the individual provide the estimate in writing before starting work?
  • What would be the approximate time needed to finish the job?
  • What all is included in the estimate? Things like parts, travel time, even charges for moving furniture can be charged by some Dallas Electricians. Some even charge extra for things like having to crawl into spaces or under the house, or work in the attic or roof. You want to try to avoid any “surprises”.
  • What guarantee/warranty comes with their work?
  • What does their insurance cover? Household goods? Damage to the house? Personal injury? Damage to surrounding property?

Customer Care
Your time is valuable and no one likes sitting around all day only to have the service people show up late or not at all. You also want to know that your home and belongings are safe and treated with respect.

  • What kind of a time window do you need to allow?
  • What is their policy about not showing up on time?
  • Can the work in progress be seen and reviewed frequently?
  • Who will be performing the scheduled work?
  • Does the work require the need of permit? Who will obtain the permit?
  • How is the wiring in your house secured and protected? Is it aluminum or PVC conduit?

Finding a qualified and professional electrician matters in terms of getting value for your money and even more important for the safety of your home and family since electrical problems are common in the Dallas, Fort Worth area can electrical shocks and even house fires.

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